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Manveer Munde

About Me

I graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci degree in Physics in 2013. I developed a keen interest in quantum mechanics and its applications towards the end of my degree with my final year project being purely theoretical. My interest in a more applicable approach to the subject lead me to Alex Shluger's group which would allow me to study further into quantum mechanics and simultaneously apply my knowledge to current real world problems.


My work aims to develop a fundamental understanding of the resistive switching mechanism observed in MIM stacks consisting of an amorphous silicon oxide insulating layer. This also lends itself to an understanding of device failure in CMOS technology in which amorphous silica plays a crucial role.

My work consists of TEM characterisation supported by first principles calculations. Experimentally we aim to identify changes in structure if the insulating layer in stressed and unstressed devices as well as observe the proposed conductive path through a combination of ex situ and in situ experiments.

This is combined with principally DFT calculations on the interaction, aggregation, and migration of oxygen vacancies. Oxygen vacancies have been proposed as the main vehicles for conductive path formation.

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