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Manesh Vinay Mistry

About me

I completed my undergraduate degree (MCHEM) at the University of Liverpool in 2017. My masters thesis was titled "DFT investigations into the Solid Electrolyte Interface(SEI) in Lithium ion batteries", which I did under Dr. Gilberto Teobaldi. The basic premise of the project was to contribute some knowledge to what forms an insulating yet elastically complient SEI. I joined the Shluger group through the Molecular Modelling and Materials Simulation (M3S) doctoral school in September of 2017 and my industry partners are Dr. Gregor Pobegen and Mr Gerald Rescher, both from Infinion Austria.


My research is centred around Silicon Carbide (SiC) based devices. It is a wide band gap material which makes it a favourable system for lots of microelectronic devices. In the last 20 years these devices have become better, smaller and cheaper, making them a viable choice for powered applications; including Schottkey diodes, Junction Field Effect Transistors(JFET) and pn-diodes all of which can be bought from companies such as Infinion and Cree.

Despite this success there are major performance issues that need to be addressed. The cause of these problems are widely thought to be due to high defect concentrations, both in the bulk and at the interface with the gate oxide. My job is to make and test models of known defects in the bulk and at the interface then compare the results to experimental data from our industry partners, hence ultimately resolving intimate details about the devices.

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